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Why do they call it PCOS?

"Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) isn’t jus a clunker of a name, it’s also totally confusing. Caused by hormonal imbalances that- when untreated- raise your risk for infertility, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and depression, PCOS doesn’t always give women polycystic ovaries. And ovarian cysts alone aren’t enough to diagnose it. Instead, PCOS may cuase irregular periods, acne, weight gain, and a hairy face or body. (And if you’re on the pill, you may not show any symptoms) That’s why the National Institute of Health wants to give PCOS a new name that better reflects the condition and would help women and their docs catch it so it can be treated with prescription hormones and dietary changes. A new name will help, but talk to your doctor if you’ve noticed any of the symptoms above… or if you were put on birth control for irregular periods without being tested for PCOS."

-Cosmopolitan, July 2013. Hearst Magazines, New York. Volume 255, NO. 1.

I cannot describe how happy  I am to see this in a magazine. Not just any magazine, but one so many women read. SO awesome to see PCOS gaining media awareness and helping to alleviate culture ignorance on the syndrome. I’m also thrilled to see they’re actually moving forward with renaming it, and hope awareness will continue to grow!

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    Oh I am so glad this is happening! I spent years not understanding PCOS as none of the doctors I went to explained...
  6. better-than-yesterday2013 said: I had a nurse tell me as a teen that I probably have pcos based on my chart. I still think I do. My doctor never tested me for it, and put me on bcp for irregular periods when I was a teenager too.
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